I am an artist and designer, and have been designing and making jewellery for over thirty years in Melbourne, Australia. 

My studio is a place where the alchemy between art and fashion brings an exotic dance of colour and sensuality to the couture costume-jewellery that I make. 

Cross-cultural references from a history of living in many different countries and cultures brings a universal language and aesthetic to the jewellery pieces.

My background is in painting, graphic design, photography and metaphysical practices.

I blend semi-precious, vintage and contemporary crystal (mostly Swarovski crystal) and glass stones and beads to produce talisman that speak of the vastly colourful and diverse human spirit. 

I am happy to do commissions and bespoke jewellery pieces or small seasonal ranges which, interpret current moods in fashion and the zeitgeist for select fashion collections. 

My pieces are always exploratory and independent.