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Laxmi ring



Large 'tear drop' shaped ergonomic ring with 'filigree' detail.
Sterling silver (925), Swarovski crystal, signed and stamped.

This ring is a Candy Spender must-have classic if you're at all serious about collecting Candy Spender jewels. I have customers who have one in each colour!
The Gaudi-style filigree sides bring a delicacy to this exquisite ring. You can wear them all the time, they are ergonomically very comfortable, and sit back with anything from jeans to party dress.

This has been one of the most popular items I've ever produced, and has been going since 1990. It has recently been re-mastered and is better than ever. I wear my jet/silver one everyday, and have been for the last twenty years. I like the scuffed looking crystal jet, and find the ring hardly interferes with my active lifestyle.

You can order it in one of four exquisite colours, but I have only a few left.

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