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King Lotus ll fringed necklace

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Exotic and detailed this necklace is tasseled lushness incarnate!

I have used many vintage Swarovski stones in my own settings to create this beautiful luxurious neckpiece. Its sensuality and delicious presence will transport you to many and varying realms. You will be able to wear it to the prom, or to your wedding, or toan important formal event. And also snap it on over a tank top and jeans, or your swimming suit for that matter. It is just one of those pieces that once you have it in your wardrobe you just will not be able to be without it. A powerful personal talisman and magical companion.

All Swarovski crystal beads and stones, some of them vintage from the oldest part of my collection (fifties!). The components are 22ct gold-plated pewter. The fine chains are German,
brass and also 22ct gold-plated.

This is definitely a one-of-a-kind moment in time that this piece is appearing in, and if you are serious about collecting fine original costume jewellery pieces, well this is definitely one for you.

was $1,200

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