• Image of 'flowers' 3 earrings
  • Image of 'flowers' 3 earrings
  • Image of 'flowers' 3 earrings

Sweet and elegant, all Swarovski crystal flowers with stone components,
these beautiful earrings have a nostalgic feel and delicacy..

Hand-wired flower earrings are exquisite! Especially if you are
a lover of delicate feminine colours, and crystals. Grounding the ephemeral crystal work, are the stones set in our own cup settings.

These earrings are guaranteed to lift the mood of any place you walk into wearing them, that's because whenyou spot yourself in the mirror a delicious smile will slide across your face, and as you
know smiling is contagious!

Swarovski crystal beads and stones, gold-plated copper wire, 22ct brushed gold-plated pewter components
and fittings.

Swarovski crystal, enameled copper wire, 22ct gold-plated brass fittings.

10 cms long

was $330