• Image of 'flowers'1 earrings
  • Image of 'flowers'1 earrings
  • Image of 'flowers'1 earrings

Swarovski crystals wired together in the form of flowers, to create these
earrings in a celebration of joyous colour!

Hand-wired flower earrings are absolutely heaven! Especially if you are
a lover of strong saturated colours, and crystals.

These earrings are guaranteedto lift the mood of any place you walk into wearing them, that's because when you spot yourself in the mirror a big smile will burst onto your face, and as you
know smiling is contagious!

You can wear them casually for a day-time gathering or event, as well as take them into the evening, the crystals sparkle like champagne.

Swarovski crystal, enameled copper wire, 22ct gold-plated brass fittings.

9 cms long
was $280