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Diamond Dog Earrings

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Inspired by David Bowie's 70's song 'Diamond Dogs'.

Diamonte clip-on components are from the fifties, although sometimes I wonder whether they're earlier, because I can see Rita Hayworth or someone like that wearing them. They are very good quality
costume jewellery, and I was lucky enough to find a bag of them on my travels fifteen years ago.

They inspired these earrings, which will not date, they are so amazing.
This second version is slightly lighter than the original version I created several years ago. (more user friendly)

At the time of writing, there are only one pair left. (feb 2013)

They measure 11 cms.

vintage components: diamante top, Czech glass oyster pearl cabochons, Swarovski crystals, 'black pearl'-plated pewter 'cups', brass, stainless steel.

was $395

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