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Czarina ll neckpiece

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This is an elaborate and complex piece which on the one hand seems to be very chaotic and organic, yet it has actually been constructed meticulously with great attention to detail and is very structured.

The base consists of beautiful Swarovski crystal stones set in 22ct gold-plated pewter cup settings, and wired Swarovski crystal beads. Threaded on one half of the choker are layers and layers of loops and 'stalks' all made from Swarovski crystal & crystal pearls, Japanese Delica, Czech glass and vintage gold glass beads.

An 'alchemical' mélange of light and warm shades of gold and shimmering silver. This is a very rich and lush statement piece, ideal for a couture gown, or even to bring a simple silkslip right up into another genre, this is handcrafted Couture at its finest.

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