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chantoozie bracelet

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Chunky statement, retro Chartreuse coloured beads from the sixties cluster together densely on 22ct gold-plated chain to make this deliciously wicked bracelet.

I was given these beads by a very kind Czechoslovakian gentleman many years ago. He'd arrived in Australia with his small costume jewellery production factory and was retired. He told me these were made of semolina and fish scales is what gives the pearlesque shine. You'd think they'd have gone off by now, but they were treated with some kind of preservative. He told me all beads of this sort at that time were made like this.

I've finally had the heart to use them in this little range I've called 'Chantoozie' after the most wonderful band who used to bring the house down.

The chain and findings are 22ct gold-plated brass

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