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Aphrodite lll necklace



Large bold, shiny and colourful gold-plated asyymentric necklace of Swarovski crystal stones.

This is such a fabulous and unique statement piece! The rich colours of the gorgeous Swarovski crystal stones set in amongst the shiny gold chains and big bold components are deliciously lush and glamorous.

This necklace will sit beautifully with a simple elegant evening dress or gown, and the next morning you can just pull on your jeans and a brightly colourful neo-hippie top, gold sandals and go for a cruise into the yacht club for cocktails. It really is as versatile as that.

22ct gold-plated signature pewter components and 22ct gold-plated brass German box chain
and fittings.

A collectors piece and not for the faint-hearted!

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